New Updates

Hello everyone! I feel like I make these posts every couple of months, and I am very sorry for that. But I am here to provide and update as promised!

Some major updates pertaining to this blog:

  • New theme!
  • Organized categories
  • Organized tags

Now, these aren’t major updates but I think that the change was needed and now everything is a relaxing blue color!

Some other updates, not pertaining to this blog, I’m in my junior year of college and I haven’t read anything for leisure in months. College is hard. But I will be writing posts related to college, specifically what it means to be an English Creative Writing major. I will also be making podcast episodes relating to these blog posts, so that there is a companion to my posts! And in perfect Gemini fashion, I started up a new business on Etsy! I will be including the links in my usual end notes.

But I think that’s all I have update wise! I will try (key word: try) to start making regular blog posts every Saturday, and podcast episodes every other Monday!

Follow me on Twitter (camilleghwrites), Instagram (camillewriteslife), and check out my podcast on Spotify, Anchor and Apple Podcasts! If you’re interested in witchy-related things, check out my new Etsy and Instagram (crystalrain.etsy)! If you like my work and would like to support me and future endeavors, donate on my Ko-fi!

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