How to Get Your Name Out as a Writer

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely and productive week. Now let’s get into today’s post. 

Many new writers know how important it is to build a name for yourself before you start publishing your books and whatnot. But how exactly do you do that? Look no further than this blog post! While I am no expert, I happen to know a few things thanks to the Internet and my amazing creative writing teacher. 

So where do you start? 

  • Make a blog! The best way to start your trekk as a writer is through blogging. Writing blog posts will help get creative juices flowing, as well as getting your name out and about. It helps to tag your posts accordingly because it helps boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Always try to write posts you know about, like how I talk about being a writer in college. 
  • Start a podcast! Your podcast doesn’t have to be solely about literature and writing, but stuff related to it. Heck, it really doesn’t even have to be related! Make a podcast about something you’re passionate about, and find ways to slip in your writing as organically as possible. Much like at the end of my podcast episodes, I mention my blog and other social media, it gives people a way to see my writing outside of the podcast. 
  • Join writing communities! I have met so many talented and amazing people from getting involved more with writing. If you’re in college, try to find on-campus organizations for writing! Even join on campus publications, like I have. If you’re not a college student, try Facebook groups or even Pinterest communities! It helps to surround yourself with people who have the same goals and passions as you do, it becomes a great motivator whenever you need an extra boost. Plus, you might find someone else who can help get your name out farther! 
  • Submit your work to online literary publications! Now this one is scary, even to me. But just by even attempting to submit your stuff will help you stand out and look good amongst others. An amazing site to find publications that fit well for you is Poets and Writers. This site was recommended to me by my creative writing professor, and it is amazing! It has a comprehensive list of many publications and even agents! If you’re looking for somewhere to send creative nonfiction, check out Brevity. This is yet another recommendation from my creative writing professor. And do not be afraid of rejection! This career (if it is your career path) will be full of rejections before you get one acceptance. And that’s okay! You learn and you grow from this. 
  • Start reaching out to literary agents! This one is especially scary. I have yet to do this one, but this was also recommended to me by the lovely creative writing professor. She told me this story of one of her students reaching out to multiple agents and she signed a three-book deal after a million tries. So don’t be afraid to reach out. Check out Poets and Writers Literary Agents Database to help you out. And if you’re feeling extra bold, look up your favorite authors’ agents. You might have some luck there too, especially if you’re working in the same genre as your favorite author! 

And that’s all the tips I have for today! Please note, I was not paid or sponsored by any of these sites I mentioned, I just really enjoy them and they have helped me greatly. My most important tip that you should take away from this is do not be afraid of rejection. This is a tough circle to be in, but it’s extremely worth it. If any of these tips helped, please let me know by leaving a like or a comment! Have a lovely Saturday, and I hope to see you all next week! 

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